Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Things

Yesterday, I tried 3 new things.

McCutcheon's Pumpkin Butter

 All natural, homemade type stuff.  I found it at that little farmer's market I randomly stopped at on the way home on Monday.  I figured I would give it a try in my oatmeal first.

I made my oatmeal as usual with half milk, half water and added 3 tablespoons of this (30 calories per tablespoon).  WAY too sweet.  I knew it would be sweet but woah.  I almost couldn't taste the pumpkin it was so sweet.  Otherwise, it would have been good.  I will need to find a more dessert-like use for this stuff!  Next time, I'll just add straight up pumpkin to my oats with a little pumpkin pie spice!

Free Range Chicken Poop (Lip Junk)

I have been wanting to get this chapstick for a while now!  It is called Chicken Poop.  Haha!  I used to use chapstick all the time but I've noticed since I drink so much more water now, that I don't really need it that often.  I still like to have some in my purse though and use it occasionally.  This one is all natural made out of beeswax.  Usually I don't like that because of the taste of beeswax but this one, you couldn't even tell!  You could taste all the other extracts and such which made for a nice scent/flavor.  It is pretty good!  And it makes me laugh every time I use it :)

Saranac Irish Red Ale

I bought a Saranac Brewery fall sample pack and am loving it!  I love to have different beers rather than a pack of just one type.  This one was pretty good and light.  I didn't think it was too hoppy but Rob didn't like it.  It was a little too light for me though.  I wouldn't mind having one here and there but its not my go-to!

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