Food Showdown
In March 2010, I ate a cookie.  I was craving chocolate chip so the hubby and I got a packet of 2 soft baked cookies at a local convenience store, Wawa, and a single serving container of milk.  I had been reading the awesome book In Defense of Food by Michal Pollan so I was much more aware of what was in my food than normal.  I decided to check the ingredients list where I saw a chemical we use in my lab.  I was not aware this chemical was edible in any amounts and that really horrified me!  I decided to start investigating more into food ingredients and didn't like what I found.  I decided to start doing "Food Showdown" blogs where I would compare 2 products (packaged typically) to see which was better.  I would try to find the "diet friendly" one for people who are typically trying to lose weight and an all natural version was still reasonably healthy.  In addition, I try to investigate the food additives that sound like chemicals if I don't already know what it is.  If possible, I try to find the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the chemical to see what kind of health hazards it has, if known.  Being a scientist, I try to take a serious analytical look at the products to ensure I'm not just swearing off anything that comes in a box.  Typically, I abbreviate this as FS. 
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