Friday, September 23, 2011

Life Happens

I feel like I haven't blogged in days!  I did blog but they were really pointless ones I think.  Helpful maybe.  Fun maybe.  But nothing really important.  And that is because, I still have nothing to say!  I had a good blogged planned the other night but when I woke up in the morning, I just wasn't feeling inspired.  I will keep that topic for another day though! 

Anyway, what has been going on with me?  Nothing!  I go to work, I go to school, I do homework, I stress about finances, I stress about finding an apartment, I stress about school.  What's new?  I haven't worked out all week.  This schedule is really getting to me.  I'm trying to make it work but its really hard, mostly because every free moment I have, I use to clean or do homework.  I feel really bad about it, but this weekend, I am staying home from Rob's rugby game so that I can clean and do homework all day (and a long run too).  Tonight, we have a birthday get together and Sunday, we have a charter fishing trip with some of Rob's friends so I had to pick something to skip.  I have 2 homework assignments due Monday and there was no way I could get them done in time with everything else going on!


On the bright side, I have been getting better about getting up earlier!  I asked Rob to turn his bed side lamp on when he gets up (before me to make me breakfast - I know! So spoiled!).  That definitely helped wake me up a bit.  Yesterday, I did really well.  I think too if I set a goal to get up before Rob that will help.  I like to be alone in the morning for the first few minutes.  To get up before him, I have to get up by 5:15.  Yesterday, I managed 5:30 (Rob slept in because he stayed home from work sick).  Totally doable.  What is funny too is that there is a whole article in Runner's World this month about how to become a morning runner!  I read through it and will again to keep some of the tips.  Definitely a good read if you are interested!

So that's the latest and greatest.  Oh and I have an epiphany this morning!  I ate like crap yesterday.  I know I was over on calories but could probably guess how many I ate.  I thought, maybe I should track my food.  But then I realized that I know how much I eat, tracking or not.  The tracking doesn't make me eat better and it just is another thing I have to do in my already busy schedule.  I'm good at knowing how much to eat during the day, even including liquid calories (Starbucks) and random snacks.  I don't need to track to tell me to stop.  So I decided I'm not going to track for a while.  I'm just going to eat clean and healthy like usual!

Nothing else to report!  Happy Friday everyone!!!


Lasherthecat said...

You've sure got a lot going on! But, if you make it a priority, I know you will be able to get your workouts scheduled in once you settle into a routine.

Haley said...

Good for you, Ang!

Oh man, prioritizing isn't always easy but it's SO necessary during busy times like right now for you. I'm sure Rob understands =)

Also, I don't know how anyone can run at any other time but morning, lol. I just don't have the same energy and clarity in the afternoons that I have in the morning. I'm really picky about my running and will ONLY run in the morning.

I know it feels really uncomfortable right now, but you're in transition, so just stay present... before you know it, you'll have a routine that works for you.

You got this!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear what runner's world said about becoming a morning runner! I have to run/workout before noon or it NEVEr gets done. But it is still hard to get moving in the morning too haha (maybe Im just really good at making excuses :-(

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