My Journey

April 2011
My name is Angela. I started my weight loss journey in June 2009.  I gained some weight in college and then gained more after college (Thanks to my hubby when we were just friends always taking me out and spoiling me with dinner!) I was one of those people who wanted to lose weight but really didn't want to (I said I did but never did anything about it).

May 2009

In January 2009, I peaked at 192lbs and was shocked. I dabbled in Weight Watchers but found that it was too open and not restrictive enough. I wasn't learning how to each properly (I didn't go to the meetings, just used the points method). In March, I started using my Wii to work out using My Fitness Coach which was good but I got bored easily with that. It was definitely useful in getting me off the couch and moving again though.

In June 2009, a friend convinced me to sign up for a 5K in September. I agreed to do it and I asked her about "that website you use to keep track of your calories" and she gave me the Spark People link.  I had used other websites to keep track of my calories and fitness but this website has one thing that was lacking elsewhere. The social network. The other sites had forums and such but nothing like there. It is so easy to connect with people. All the lovely ladies I've met therehave really helped me to continue to stay on track. I can honestly say without their support, I would not have succeeded. I cannot say thank you enough!

I've gone through so many changes since starting. I've actually learned to LOVE running. I've tried lots of activities and exercises that I never would have thought I would like (spin, Zumba, step, running!). I remember why I used to love Body Pump and have always incorporated strength training into my routine. I've also learned to eat clean and healthy most of the time and actually crave healthy foods over fattening foods.

I am continually trying to maintain and improve myself through fitness and clean eating.  It is never easy to keep up the hard work that I've put in and I plan on staying on track for the rest of my life.  I enjoy being healthy and fit and want that to be who I am!

Weight Loss
11/1/08:  192.0 
6/1/09: 188.4 (Total: 3.6)
7/1/09: 184.4 (Month:4.0 Total:4.0)
8/1/09: 181.4 (Month:3.0 Total:7.0)
9/1/09: 177.0 (Month:4.4 Total:11.4)
10/1/09: 176.5 (Month:0.5 Total:11.9)
11/1/09: 173.0 (Month:3.5 Total:15.4)
12/1/09: 168.0 (Month:5.0 Total:20.4)
1/1/10: 168.0 (Month:0 Total:20.4)
2/1/10: 164.0 (Month:4.0 Total:24.4)
3/1/10: 157.0 (Month:7.0 Total:31.4)
4/1/10: 154.0 (Month:3.0 Total:34.4)
5/1/10: 152.8 (Month:1.2 Total:35.6)
6/1/10: 152.0 (Month: 0.8 Total: 36.4)
7/1/10: 146.0 (Month: 6.0 Total: 42.4)
8/1/10: 144.0 (Month: 2.0 Total: 44.4)
(Plateau - no changes)
1/1/11: 139.8 (Month: 4.2 Total: 48.6)

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