Saturday, July 30, 2011

Breaking News: Chicks!!

Breaking News at the Chicken Scoop!  One of the eggs that the broody hens have been sitting on has hatched!
Bottom Right - doesn't look like Mommy Hen because it might not actually be hers!  Communal eggs here, lol

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vibrams to the Rescue!

After my post yesterday, I decided I wanted to show you how easy it really is to make eggs in the microwave so I photo documented the process :)
Step 1.  Beat eggs with some milk
Step 2.  Add omelet toppings (for me, broccoli and mozzarella)
Step 3.  Pop it in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Out comes a beautiful omelet!  I even flipped it over so you could see how fluffy the eggs are!

Now you have absolutely no excuse to skip breakfast!  Now, on to my day.  Its mostly pictures of food since I didn't do much all day.  I did snap this pretty picture of a flower with dew on it when walking into work in the morning.
I am sure I got a few funny looks from people in/around the building.  Haha!  Whatever!  So I started my day off with my microwave omelet and then when I got to work, I decided to go buy some coffee.  The coffee in the breakroom is TERRIBLE.  I drink coffee because I enjoy it, not for the caffeine so I'm not going to drink bad tasting coffee.  Anyway, I had a moment of weakness and got a cookie too.
I figured I would be fine because I had my foot planned out for the day.  Well, then my coworker Dave came in with a treat for everyone but "everyone" was at the lab and it was only me and him to share this wonderful treat he brought in...
That's right, a whole box of munchkins.  I had like 5 total for the day.  Bad!!!  I didn't realize it until lunch though that I was so full off donuts that I never had my oatmeal.  At least I didn't go crazy and have both!  I had PB&J for lunch but wasn't feeling it so I decided to head out for lunch for a salad.  We hit the Cheese Board again and I got this huge plate of food.

The hummus and avocado plate they called it.  It had marinated veggies on the side there too.  It was pretty good.  I have the rest for lunch today.  There are always lots of temptations at the Cheese Board though!

I had a sample of cheese when waiting in line :)  I ended up getting hungry before leaving work and ate my PB&J anyway!  I wasn't really hungry for dinner but ended up muching on various things and cleaning out the fridge.  Ended up high on calories.  Oh well!

So my foot was still hurting yesterday morning and it always goes away by mid day.  Then I got this crazy idea and jumped on the Runner's World forums.  Would running barefoot (or in my Vibram Five Fingers) help me repair my "injury"?  So if it is plantar faciitis, it is an irritated plantar fascia or something.  Basically, a ligament is annoyed with me.  And that ligament gets stronger by walking and running barefoot.  Most people rest it by getting arch support or orthotics but once you do that, it never gets stronger and you will always have problems.  Anyway, most people have been telling me RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) but I didn't feel like it was doing anything.  It feels better when I walk around so why not move it more??  I got mixed advice from the Barefoot Running forum and made my own decision.  Right when I got home from work, I strapped them on!
I put on workout clothes but ended up in a cleaning frenzy somehow and then spent the rest of the night hanging out with my parents.  A night well spent but no workout.  I did run a few laps up and down the driveway though.  And guess what?  My foot barely hurt this morning.  This week, I would be limping until about 10 and then it would wear off.  I limped for about 20 feet and then it went away.  Did it help or heal on its own?  Who knows but I'm putting my Vibrams on again tonight!!  Yay for no foot pain!  Now I just have to figure out what to do about my 7 mile run this weekend...  Sneakers?  Vibrams for the first 1/2 mile?  Shorten the Distance?  Hm...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Study Time

Yesterday was not an ideal eating day, but it wasn't terrible either.  I started my day off with a delicious lazy breakfast!  I love having 2 eggs in the morning usually in omelet form but I just wasn't feeling the cooking-on-the-stove thing.  I decided I would try popping them in the microwave.  I also threw in some broccoli and mozzarella.  It came out amazing!  This was 2 small to medium eggs in the microwave for 2 minutes.  Perfect.  (Today, I used a wider bowl which wouldn't let the center cook.  I had to break it in half and flip it so the center was now near the edge of the bowl.  Added another minute and it was good).

At work, I enjoyed my oatmeal and another free iced coffee from DD.  This time I asked for mocha hazelnut.  Way. Too. Sweet.  But good!  Didn't drink all of it.  Next time, only one flavor.  PB&J for lunch.  Same today!  So boring right?  LoL. 

For dinner, Rob and I ended up at the mall.  I decided on pizza.  I had to use my debit card so I needed to pass the $5 minimum so I ended up with 2 slices.  I also didn't want water but I didn't want calories so I had.... Diet Soda!  I know!!!  Who is this person??  I had about half and then threw out the rest.  It satisfied my craving for something refreshing.  There just aren't really any other choices when eat out though!  Soda or water?  Or how about some crazy sweet Minutemade?  Yuck.

In other news, I got a new pedometer!  I was very excited to wear it yesterday.  Reach about 7500 steps.  Not bad for not working out!  (Picture was from lunch time - as you can see, I have a desk job).

Anyway, we had headed to the mall because I wanted to look at bookbags for school (still excited!).  I had checked some out online and intended to order it online to save a few bucks but the instant gratification in me won out and I got this super cute bag from the Hallmark Store (Vera Bradley).  My laptop just fits in it and there is plenty of room for books and things.  I will still have to carry a separate lunch box but that is fine!

We also headed over to Borders again to see if they are selling fixtures.  We got on the list and then browsed the store.  I check out the DVDs again.  Rob said I couldn't get this one and I pouted:
I remember doing it with my mom when I was little!  Mom, do you want me to go back and get it for you???  I think it could be fun to do together again!

I also got a whole stockpile of books for going back to school.  Just some reference/refresher books that I thought could be useful.

They all sound like lots of fun right?  I am going to work through that bottom book as a refresher course.  I need something that is more of a physics refresher though.  These are all math books!  I guess I could just read my textbooks over again but that seems like it would take way too long.  Haha.

Finally, we headed home to relax and let me sort all my school supplies (yes, my bookbag is already packed!).  I have the best coworker who golfs.  When she heard that my foot hurt and I needed a hard ball to massage it, she left these on my desk for me!
I iced it until the bag started leaking.  Then I rolled it on the golf ball for a while.  Then it was time to wrap it.

I left it wrapped all night.  It sitll was a little irritated this morning but not much.  I think it got irritated by the side to side movement in the DVD I did on Monday.  I may or may not go for a very short (1 mile) jog today.  I may even wear my Vibrams to work out in the office.  I'm wondering if it just needs to be strengthened.  I won't push it hard and I'll rest again if it hurts more tomorrow!

So overall, another busy day!  I even went on my lunch break to the Staples near my job to look for an organizer.  I did find a good one!  People who are out and about during the day are nuts though.  I got cut off driving like 3 times (and its literally only a 2-3 mile drive).  People in Staples were also nutso, acting like it was Black Friday or something.  The girl in line in front of my was practically tapping her foot and sighing over how long the cashier was taking (which he wasn't).  Crazy people!  I am glad I don't shop during the day... (Had the same experience in a different town during a lunch break shopping trip too).

Anyway!  I am chatty today.  Time to get my day started!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bouquet of Newly Sharpened Pencils

First off, how do you like the new Chicken Scoop design?  I made the background myself!!  On to my day...

For a work day, yesterday was just jam packed!  I started my day off right...

I am a member of the rewards program at both Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks.  I can't tell you how many free drinks I've gotten at Starbucks.  These are my first ones from DD!  Yay!!  I had a delicious iced coffee with chocolate.  Yum!  Calories weren't too bad either at 120!

Anyway, I spent my day limping around the office.  The arch of my left food hurts.  I know I know, people automatically say "plantar fasciitis" but I read online that that is an overall pain whereas mine is localized.  Who knows.  What I do know is that its all about rest, rubbing, and ice.  Of course, I forgot to ice it last night.  I promise to do it tonight!

Anyway, I got home from work and had lots to do.  I checked on my garden and the chickens:

Rob and I shared the strawberries.  I left the tomato to ripen a little bit more!  Rob also brought home a whole bag of tomatoes.  He works for the city and sometimes residents give the guys "tips" in the form of money or other things.  Fresh tomatoes from her garden works for me!
Rob also made dinner last night.  Well, I made the veggies in the microwave and I made the fresh pesto with basil from the garden so I guess we split it.  He grilled the salmon.  It was delicious!

We decided to head out for some errands.  I'll let you guess what for...
Need another hint?

Still no??

That should be a dead giveaway!  School supplies!!  So I still haven't gotten the letter in the mail exactly but I emailed the director.  She said that I was "recommended for admission" and that they are waiting for the admissions office to get the letter back to them.  So to me, that sounds like they are just waiting on paper work.  So I'll assume I'll be good for the fall!  Woohoo!  I hate this whole limbo thing though.  Retail therapy is awesome, especially on useful things I will need anyway.

Before heading home, we decided to get a little treat.  Custard Castle!!  I think this was the first time I didn't get custard there ever and I was disappointed.  Of course!  I should just stick to the usual next time although this was pretty good, it was a little freezer burned and it just wasn't vanilla custard...

I am still excited to hear from the school that everything is official.  Until then, I have to brush up on my math and physics.  I might have to make a goal for next month for that.  This month's goals, I haven't even looked at!  Maybe later today I will examine how they are going.  I forgot what half of them were!  Ha!  Oh, as for a workout yesterday, I ended up not having time.  HUGE excuse.  LoL.  Really, my foot felt better later but I didn't want to hurt it running.  We didn't get back to the house until 8ish.  My decision was to workout, shower, then bed or spend time with the hubs.  Rob always wins :)

PS.  Anyone get the movie quote in the title??

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exercise DVD Review: Bob Harper's Body Rev Cardio Conditioning

Today, I tried my new DVD:  Bob Harper's Inside Out Method Body Rev Cardio Conditioning.  I have been curious about these DVDs for a while now (the Inside Out Method line) since a friend of mine has been recommending and using them.  I found this one on clearance and scooped it right up!

It consists of a 60 minute intense cardio workout.  (There is also a 25 minute workout but I didn't do that one).  Many of the moves are "explosive" and kettle bell inspired.  The entire 60 minutes is constant movement with only a few moments to really stop for a break. I actually found that enjoyable since Bob makes easy transitions.  He never keeps you moving too hard for too long. 

I also loved the layout of the room.  He has 3 assistants with him, one always doing the modifications.  It is funny to watch them get tired and wiped from this workout, just like you are feeling.  You can watch them stop and cheat when Bob looks away.  Makes you feel like you aren't the only one getting their butt kicked!  Of course, you know you shouldn't follow their example.  LoL.  Also, everyone is going pretty much at their own level.  Again, it makes you feel more comfortable with the workout.

How intense was this DVD?  EXTREMELY.  I was in a well air conditioned room and by 25 minutes in, I had sweat running down my back.  I was crying and whining about the burpees.  My arms hurt.  My legs hurts.  I was tired.  I'm still tired.  And I can't wait to do it again!  Another day, after my soreness goes away.  LoL.  The only thing I could have done without in this DVD was the yelling.  I'm not a fan of the drill sergeant type trainer.  There really wasn't much of that going on though so I let it slide.  I definitely give this DVD a 2 thumbs up for an intense difficult workout that will really kick your butt!

Cupcake was fascinated and said it looks really hard too!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stress-Free Sunday

Rob and I decided we wouldn't set alarms this morning and we always regret that.  We finally rolled out of bed around 8 and I got ready for my 6 mile run.  I stopped to say good morning to the chickens

Anyway, we headed out.  I ran and Rob rode his bike.  He knows I enjoy it when he comes with me but he's not interested in running those long distances.  We didn't talk much, just trudged along.  It was SO HOT. 

Can you see how sweaty I am?  This is at the 3 mile mark. Rob turned around and rode back to the truck and I kept going down the bike path.  It was nice not having to "go back" like I normally do.  That was Rob's idea. 

I had an issue with my Garmin (of course!) and had to restart it at 3.5 miles.  I ended up stopping around 5.15 miles when Rob pulled up with the truck.  I had been determined on continuing but then the heat was killing me and just as my willpower was waning, Rob was there!  Close enough to me.  My legs were totally find though but I was just. too. hot.

We were going to go right to breakfast but instead I wanted a shower big time.  We finally made it to Romanelli's by lunch time!  Ha!  I was thinking about how we had missed the breakfast rush because it was clearing out.  Well, when we finally left, there was a line for tables!  I guess the lunch rush came!  My omelet was seriously delicious though.  Oh and I was so excited to see on the menu that you can ask for a 2 egg omelet (which I prefer) and they discount it 50 cents.  Awesome! 

The rest of the day has been low key.  We ran errands and I wore a cute dress.  Why not?

I saw my dream truck

Starbucks (of course).  I ordered an iced latte with 1 pump chocolate and 1 pump hazelnut.  AMAZING!

I put away laundry and apparently I have too many gym clothes.  My drawer won't close!

Now its time to relax with Rob and enjoy a little wine.  Good night!

I used to do Spooky photos of the week on my Spark People blog.  Well now its Kittie photo of the week!  They all love me :)

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