Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remodel Day 5: Uh Oh

Rob had taken off to work on the apartment and I headed to work.  Everything seemed to be going fine and then I got a text message from Rob with a picture.  One of the worst things I could think of for this remodel

Water Damage.

A few years ago, I guess there had been a leak in the apartment and it seemed that it had gotten to the sub floor.  Oh no!  This would really add some time to the remodel and throw a bit of a wrench in our plans. 

Luckily we inspected it and determined the floors were fine and the cabinets only had a little rippling on the back panel (who cares, no one sees that!).  So all was good and we could continue ahead!  It did take some time though and set us back a bit.  I also had to visit a friend in the hospital.  She made a smoothie and didn't realize the blade from the blender broke off and she swallowed it!  Eek!!!  She had surgery Thursday night and is doing great, going home in an hour or two actually.  But just saying, check your blender after you use it I guess!  So anyway, we got Rob's friend to come over and we got to painting the main room since it was now empty!

The main walls are tan and we have a brown accent wall.  It is really dark brown!  It looks even better today after a few coats.  That last picture was after 1 coat and it looked like leather on the wall so I took a picture!  The flooring is going in today but you will have to wait for tomorrow's blog for that!


Lasherthecat said...

Swallowed the blade of a blender?? Sounds like a "Final Destination" scenario!! Hope she's okay!

Jeanne said...

omg I hope your friend is OK! Heebie Jeebies big time going on here!
:( Jeanne

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