Sunday, August 14, 2011

Remodel Day 6: Flooring

Saturday was the big day!  The flooring would be going in.  It was essential to do on Saturday because Rob's friend Mark was coming over to help install.  I had be at get together at the beach with some friends so I had to get going by 9AM and left the men to work!  I came back to a beautiful sight:

Rob had gotten up early and put another coat on the brown wall.  It's a little dark.  Almost looks black depending on the lighting.  Haha!  I really like it though!  I enjoyed my new floors by sitting on them while eating lunch.  Also could be due to a lack of furniture.

At one point, I looked around and only Mark was working, with Rob and my dad both nowhere to be found!

We would have been in big trouble if he hadn't come over.  He really saved the day with all the cuts and measuring.  I'm sure it would have taken much longer without him!  And many extra pieces of flooring (due to miss-measured cuts!).  Eventually my mom and I decided to figure out dinner.  Chinese food it was and we made a little make-shift table with a desk and lawn chairs.  It was a nice little table :)

No one wanted to get back to work after that.  LoL.  I even found a nice little spot to take a little nap while the guys kept working. 

I LOVE the floors!  LOVE!!!

Notice the Starbucks cup.  We're addicts, even the brown paint was called "Espresso Bean"  Haha!!!

Can't wait to start moving!  Today is finishing up the floors (see the quarter round isn't down yet).  We also have to get a few odds and ends from Home Depot.  Then we can start bringing stuff in!  Woohoo!!!


Jeanne said...

congratulations. your home is going to be beautiful! Your hubby did a great job!

Lasherthecat said...

Beautiful Job!! It looks great!

Kim said...

I love it! It all looks AMAZING!

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