Saturday, July 23, 2011

Food Insanity Friday, Recovery Saturday

My Friday didn't start out crazy.  I ate my omelet, drank my coffee, and enjoyed my oatmeal.  Then a switch went off or something.  First, I enjoyed a cookie I had been saving for a while.  Seemed innocent enough...
Then I tried enjoying my PB&Banana sandwich but it was just too sweet for me.  I ended up stopping by Wendy's and getting a side salad but the dressing was too sweet too!  I really wanted what I call "real food", i.e. food that isn't sweet and it nourishing.  Anyway, then we got an email that we would be having a cupcake meeting for work.  Oh boy...

I ate the red one here and my coworker's cupcake just looked cup all unwrapped.  They are used to me randomly taking pictures of things.  LoL so he was game and quickly pulled back his hands when he saw me taking the shot.  Haha!

I was still whiny about wanting real food but didn't want to eat much because I wasn't really hungry.  I just knew I was low on protein or something.  I also knew I would be going out for happy hour that evening where I would eat enough calories for one and a half people at this point (I mean my whole day's calories).  Happy hour was at Chickie and Pete's (the usual) where they serve delicious Crab Fries (fries with Old Bay seasoning served with this amazing melted cheese sauce). Om nom nom!

This last beer I had was amazing!  They have a lot of micro-brews in bottles here that I never try (because I'm an on-tap type person).  Well, I just asked him to pick one of his favorites.  He suggested a blueberry beer but I had tried it before.  This one, so smooth and delicious.  It has the flavor of a dark beer without being heavy.  Going to keep this one in mind!

So as you can see, not a day of health at all.  Everything was a choice.  Could I have said no to the cupcake?  Sure.  But seriously I love cupcakes.  Haha.  If I had known earlier, I could have passed on the cookie for another day.  Happy Hour had been settled on for days so there was no question about that.  Knowing that I had done so badly yesterday though made me try that much harder today...

We started off the day attempting a 3 mile run.  We thought we could get out there early enough to beat the heat but boy were we wrong! It wasn't the heat we should have been worrying about but the humidity!!!  YUCK!  Even my camera lens wouldn't stop fogging up for the picture of the park!

We headed out and took it nice and easy (don't know my pace, Garmin acting up again!).  I think we did about 1.5-2 miles but I really can't tell (again silly Garmin).  All I know is that after 1 loop around the park, we were drenched and miserable.  We headed over to the car and cranked the AC.  I, who never really sweats much during workouts, had sweat dripping down my legs and back.  Sorry if thats TMI but that is just how horrible it was!  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be a cool 75 in the AM and it better be for my 6 miles!!!

We headed home and tried to make the best of the day.  Little to my knowledge, Rob had every intention of being out most of the day!  We headed to Starbucks for a quick breakfast:

I had the veggie monterey jack artisan breakfast sandwich.  It was good!  The girl said it was 300 something calories.  I also stole a little sample of coffee cake.  Just enough sweet for me :)

We did some errands and headed to Borders to see what kind of deals they had since they are closing.  We knew they wouldn't be great yet but still wanted to see.  I got the best things ever!!

I have been wanting reusable produce bags for a while now but hadn't been able to find them.  I was even debating on trying to sew them myself (but mesh seems really difficult to sew!)  Who knew Borders had them!  I saw a woman holding them and nearly died.  I was ready for a smack down if she tried to buy them cause it was the last pack!  LoL.  Luckily, she put them back on the shelf.  I stood there for a few while she dawdle and then swooped in when she moved about... 6 inches over.  Ha!  I was buying them, darn it!  I can't wait to be eco friendly and get weird looks at the grocery store!!!

Rob also found the clearance workout DVDs.  At first, I wasn't really interested as I already have enough but then I found some I have been wanting to try.  They were 30% off so why not?!  My friend Kat has been doing them and raves about them.  I found 2 of the set (I think there are 4 total?)
Can't wait to try them!  They are actually the 2 I wanted the most.  We'll see how they are!!  Maybe this week on my cross training days.  Anyway, Rob suggested we walk around the mall to avoid the heat so we headed over.  I found some super comfy yet totally hideous adult gel shoes.  Who knew that they would make a comeback?

We wandered into the dress department.  I tried on a bunch of clearance stuff just grabbing sizes 4-10 (accidentally grabbed the 4, I guess it was in the 6 section and I didn't check the tag).  Well, the size 4 dress fit!  So I tried on a few more and they fit!  Of course, other dresses fit in 8 (mostly 6s though).  Thank you vanity sizing for letting me get a size 4 dress!  Seriously though, there were a few that fit perfectly in a 4.  Woman's clothing sizes drive me crazy!

After that, we just putzed around.  Got lunch at the mall and dunkin donuts to cool off.

Spent the afternoon visiting Rob's brother.  We had plans to meet a friend for dinner at Texas Roadhouse but I was starving so I get the greatest 100 calorie snack pack I've ever been able to find.  Even comes in biodegradeable packaging!
Haha!  Dinner wasn't too bad either.  Had 2 of the delicious rolls (because I was starving) and a small steak.  Yum!

The mashed potatoes were a splurge :)  I have yet to track today but it seemed overall not too bad really (even with the fries I stole from Rob at lunch time).  I do need some decent calories though for tomorrow's 6 mile run.  That is the thing though, 6 miles really isn't that bad.  It will take me say an hour and 15 minutes.  That is nothing more than a typical workout.  A lot of people gain weight when training for an endurance run I think because they add too many calories.  Just because I run doesn't mean I get to eat whatever I want!  I do appreciate a good pancake breakfast after a long run though :)  Perhaps tomorrow!


Tiffany said...

What a great time! Love that black dress! Looks fabulous! And the gellies would be cute with the dress, especially with the little black flower on them... Almost made me want to go shopping...if I just didn't hate it so much...think it was too many years of things not fitting...and WAY too many years of wearing frumpy clothes! HA!

My mouth was watering when I saw your beer bottle! It looked so cold and refreshing! Might just have to go grab one, now.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

love the dress!!! and a size 4 thats awesome! (but I do hate that at another store they call it a different size. drives me crazy!)

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