Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I Run


I've never been an introvert.  Well, maybe in high school but we're we all at that age?  Anyway, basically, I do things because I want to, because I find I enjoy it.  I don't care what the deep down reasoning is.  I just enjoy myself!  If that makes me a little aloof and flighty, then thats ok.  I still have my awesome degree and career to show I've got a good brain up there ;)  Anyway, so I was thinking today, why do I run?  Its really torture sometimes.  And there are many times when I'm not looking forward to the mileage at all.  So why do I do it?  And I tried my best to bring out the introvert in me (oxymoron?) and write some things down.  Here is what I came up with!

I run because it's hard.
Sounds silly but I actually enjoy the torture and challenge of running.  If something is too easy, I get bored with it quickly.  Running keeps my attention because I find it difficult.

I run because it's simple.
I don't like things that are too complicated (with the exception of aerobic step and Zumba!).  I don't like having to think about what I'm doing.  I want to just go and do.  Running is the easiest thing; we all know how to do it!

Running burns LOADS of calories.
When I first started C25K, the pounds just came off (this was also while watching my food intake).  Whenever I am in training and running a lot, I find that even if I don't lose weight, I still feel like I'm getting slimmer.

I enjoy measureable improvements.
So many people like to use weight as a measure of health because its easy.  You can see if you went up or down or stayed the same.  You can measure it.  With running, I can tell if I ran the mile faster than last time.  The data is right there on my watch.  Each of my 5K times have gotten faster.  Its a measureable success that I can slowly see myself improving.  It feels good to know you are getting better!

I like the idea of being a runner.
I've always seen endurance runners as super human.  Who would ever decide to run 26.2 miles voluntarily?  And who can actually complete it?  I mean, you are supposed to DIE at the end.  These people must be superstars.  Well, I've been looking for my first marathon hopefully to be sometime next year.  That's right, I'll be super human :)

I get to eat more.
Who doesn't like to eat?  Haha, but seriously, between running miles and miles and hitting the weight room, I can just keep eating and eating and eating...

It keeps me on track.
Knowing you have to be able to run 13.1 miles in 2 months time really keeps you from skipping workouts.  I am all about saving face.  Sure, I could show up and walk it but I would feel totally lame for signing up for it in the first place and then slacking off.  Who wants to disappoint themselves like that?  So I just keep following that training schedule!

Running shoes come in neon.
Ever notice other sneakers don't come in day-glow orange?  OMG, Bright COLORS!!!

Running increases my cardio capacity.
I had been working out for months and not really seeing any improvements.  I started jogging and all the sudden my workout DVDs were becoming easier, I could keep up better in step, and I was barely winded by the end of that hard core Zumba song.  Running does brillilant things for your cardio.

Running makes me happy.
Ok, it might not actually make me happy at the time that I'm doing it.  Usually I am griping about how tired I am.  But seriously, I always feel so much better afterwards.  I have not found another workout that can kill the stress like running does for me. 

What is your favorite fitness activity and why do you do it?

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Anonymous said...

Im not a big fan of running, rather be swimming! BUT since it has been a million degrees and I hvent been able to run in months- I WANT TO! haha

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