Friday, March 11, 2011

Protein Craziness

Protein drinks are all the rage for serious exercisers, right?  I generally have on with breakfast.  I start my day off with a 2 egg omelet (full egg, the yolk has all the nutrients).  Along with that, its usually a bowl of oatmeal or some sort of protein shake.  I've noticed that I last longer on the protein shake than the oatmeal and that I'm less "snacky" during the day too!  So the protein must be on to something :)

This morning, all I wanted was a small cup of coffee.  In order to cut down on calories, we stopped buying half and half so we would skip coffee in the AM.  I also didn't want to stop at Wawa, Dunkin Donuts, or McDonald's for coffee either.

I decided, being a former barista, that I would try making a Café Au Lait (coffee with steamed milk) by microwaving the milk.  It just wasn't thick and creamy though and no delicious!  I tried the immersion blender to "whip it up" but that just made a mess.  It needed to be thicker.

So I added a scoop of vanilla protein powder!  And its delicious!  Coffee + Protein Powder + Milk = 1 killer breakfast drink!  I think next time, its plain coffee, a dash of milk, and Chocolate protein powder.  Yummy Mocha!

¿  What alternative ways do you add protein to your diet  ?

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