Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pad Thai at Home

I made an agreement with my friend Kristen that today would be a Candy Free day.  I put a reminder on my jar of candy at work so I wouldn't accidentally forget and reach in mindlessly.

It was a success!  I haven't had any unnecessary sweets today!  Woohoo!
On another note, I tried a new "recipe" for dinner tonight.  I took Annie Chun's Pad Thai Meal Starter

I started the rice noodles and cooked up some ground chicken in a pan, steamed a diced yellow pepper and some snap peas in my microwave steamer from Pampered Chef

I removed the cooked chicken from the pan and threw in the veggies and the cooked rice noodles with a little canola oil to "stir fry" slightly.

Finally, I threw in the chicken and the sauce packet and had 3 delicious servings!

3 servings, 427 calories, 59g carbs, 2g fat, 39g protein.  100% delicious!


Anonymous said...

yummy dinner!
and awesome job on no candy- ME TOO! Im thinking we should do a streak! what do you think?

Tonya Bren said...

Where did you get the Pad thai? My grocery store doesn't carry it :(
Oh BTW, I'd like to add your blog to my blogroll - is that cool?

Angela said...

Hey Tonya! I didn't even realize you were *that* Tonya. LoL! I just added your blog to my page. I could never figure out how to subscribe but I'm good now (was getting the emails at least). Yes you can put me on your blogroll! Thanks for the comments and stopping by!!!

Angela said...

Forgot to mention I got the pad thai at my grocery store in the organic section!

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