Tuesday, October 11, 2011

She's Alive!

I know, I skip one day of blogging and I feel like its been a month.  LoL!  I just get so excited every day to write that I feel like I'm lost without it!  Anyway!!!

What is there to say really?  I feel squishy.  Yep, you read that right.  Squishy.  I haven't worked out in FOREVER!  This cold is still lingering.  I think it has a lot to do with that fact that I am dehydrated.  Of course, today at school, they are out of water for the water cooler (and remember my Water Snob post?).  I guess I'll have to hunt down a vending machine later!

But the point is, I'm working on my water.  Right now, I just have this annoying sniffle that won't go away and a little cough.  The good news is that I am in decent shape to do my half marathon weekend!  At least when it comes to the cold.

My legs might disagree.  I am really worried about how far I can make it in this race.  It will have been 4 weeks since my last long run.  That is a LONG time!  The last one, my legs killed the last 2 miles but then again, I started off hard since I was trying to keep up with someone else.  This time, I will be on my own completely so I can set my own pace at the start.  I am thinking that I will do an easy jog to each water station and then walk through the water station.  That way I have regular walking breaks.  I can totally complete the miles, even if its all walking!  And I am excited to take part for the 3rd consecutive year!

Anyway, on to other news, I picked my Marathon Training plan!  Sort of...  You all knew I would end up doing my own thing, right?  Cause I'm predictable like that!  Anyway, I did lay out Hal Higdon's Marathon 3 plan on my google calendar as a guideline.  I will follow the rules I laid out in my other blog (First Marathon, Help!).   Here is the basic outline again:
  • Monday:  Strength/Cross Train
  • Tuesday:  Medium Length Run
  • Wednesday:  Strength/Cross Train (or rest)
  • Thursday:  Speedwork
  • Friday:  Rest day
  • Saturday:  Long Run
  • Sunday:  2-3 miles (or rest)
I got some other really great advice from my wonderful friends that I will keep in mind throughout the training too!  Next up is to figure out how I'm going to fuel my body through all of this.  I know how to eat properly but I also want to make sure I'm eating enough/not too much.  I don't want to gain that 5lbs that every marathoner seems to gain.  Just because I run doesn't mean I get to eat whatever I want!  Anyway, I really want a plan too because my eating has been way off where it should be.  I don't know yet if I'm going to worry about macronutrients (how many carbs? how much protein??  what about fat?!)  because it gets overwhelming!  But having a plan keeps me in line!

So there are my random thoughts for today.  I must go because its still midterms week!  I have one more take home midterm due tomorrow and then I'm done (and then the homework starts again anyway!)  Let's hope this weekend is light on homework because I am REALLY busy again.  Surprised?  Me neither!  LoL!  Have a good Tuesday!!!


Haley said...

You so know what you're doing! Whatever you do is bound to be perfection. =)

I always watch what you eat and think, "wow, I wonder if I'm eating too little and that's why I'm not losing", because you keep losing/maintaining while I keep fluctuating up, even though I keep about an -800 deficit. =/

Excited for you to feel better and run your half next weekend - and for your marathon soon!!

Angela said...

Haha I see your blog and think "I eat way too much! Look at all her veggies! And how much she works out!". I have been creeping up a little. Blog on that this weekend. PROMISE!

Haley said...

Haha, it's such a fine line, isn't it?? Eat too little and you'll gain... eat too much and you'll gain. Will someone please just give me all the answers?

I have yet to get under 150 though, so I'm pretty sure your ways are working better than mine, lol.

Anonymous said...

YEAAAAA full marathon!

p.s. it wont let me post under my name :-(

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