Friday, October 7, 2011

Oatmeal Heaven

I had originally posted a version of this blog on SparkPeople on December 14, 2010.  This will be modified to reflect updated knowledge!

I love oatmeal. I really do. But I'm also extremely picky about it. I don't just give my love to any ol' oatmeal. That 1 minute quick oats crap? Well, you can see how much I enjoy that. So let me start off with some acceptable brands/forms of oatmeal.

emoticon Rolled oats (as above). Quacker original oats are fine. NOT the 1 minute ones!! Bob's Red Mill sells thick oats and regular oats. I prefer their regular because they cook before they overflow (which happens often when you microwave oatmeal).
emoticon Steel Cut Oats. They are kind of chunky. They also need to be cooked on the stove. I have not found a way to microwave this one. They are totally worth the effort though.
emoticonOat Bran.  This reminds me of what I would consider "porridge".  It has a mushy texture and is very fine but is really delicious on a cold morning.  It gives your oatmeal a totally different texture.
emoticon Scottish Oatmeal. This is kind of mushy but still yummy. It can be microwaved. It turns into a bit of a paste. Still delicious.
emoticon I'm sure there are lots more variations (and I have seen them at the store like Irish oats) and I would love to hear your thoughts on those!

 I have to note that oatmeal varies greatly depending on how you prepare it. My favorite is to use Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Oats with half water, half milk, microwaved for 1 and a half minutes.  This has taken years to perfect.  You will have to find your own way.

You might like it with just water.  Rob enjoys it by making it with only half the amount of water suggested.  Maybe you like it with all milk (the milk will make you oatmeal overflow in the microwave so be careful!).  Maybe you like to make it with water and then add a little milk after its done cooking.  Maybe you only like it cooked on the stove.  Etc.  Experiment!  And don't forget about the different types too.  You might hate thick cut but adore the steel cut.  Give it all a try!

I decided I would collect some suggestions for you all so you can start enjoying your daily cup of oats!

Banana Oatmeal
Oats with bananas. I always cook my oats with 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup milk. Its more "sticky" if you use all water and more "runny" if you use all milk. This is a simple one. Cut up banana, put in cooked oats. The end.

Blueberry Oatmeal
Oats with blueberries and cinnamon. Cook the blueberries IN the oats. It comes out tasting like blueberry pie! Nom nom nom!!!!

Peanut butter oats! (I think you are getting the recipes here, peanut butter + oats)
Crazy oats: oats, cranberries, walnuts, flaxseed
Reece's Oats: Peanut butter and chocolate chips (this one is too sweet for me in the morning but I know people who swear by it)
Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal
Maple Oatmeal (just add some good old fashioned maple syrup)
Apple oats: dice up the apple in small pieces and cook in the oats, add cinnamon for that apple pie flavor
Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal:  Canned pumpkin + pumpkin pie spice
Peach Cobbler:  Add diced peaches to your oatmeal prior to cooking (like the apple oats).  Add spices to taste (cinnamon is good!)

Other Additions:
Nuts of all types
Honey, Agave, etc.
Dried fruits
Ground flax seeds, chia seeds, etc.
Fresh fruits
Spices of all types
Protein powder (some people love this, add it after cooking!  My protein powder tastes terrible like this though, maybe try using 100% whey)
Greek Yogurt

You can ever create savory oatmeals although I have yet to try it!  I found this neat tool on Quaker's website to create new and interesting oatmeal recipes.  How about bacon?  Pickles?  Salsa?  Hm, I think there is a "Savory Oatmeal" blog in the works here.

Well, enjoy your lovely oatmeal concoctions!  I have a bowl every morning.  One more note, I make half the recipe suggestion.  Its ok to not make a whole serving so you can add more "fixins"!  Yum!

What is your favorite oatmeal recipe?

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The Daily Dish said...

Definitely going to skip the savory scallion oatmeal, though I'm sure it's delicious in its own way! Love this post. I too am an oatmeal lover and now that cold weather's here, it's becoming a daily staple.

Anonymous said...

oh my. I am making pumpkin pie oatmeal ASAP!
(and savory oats. YUCK!)

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