Friday, October 7, 2011

Importance of Rest

I have felt great this week!  I mean, I do have a cold so not 100% but I have felt different this week.  I haven't been getting tired on my drives home, I haven't been cranky or unable to concentrate.  Actually, my concentration is really high which is good since its midterms week at school!  I have just felt really peppy and sharp this week and I think it has to do with last weekend.

Did you notice I didn't have a huge blog update about the five thousand things I did last weekend?  That is because I didn't do much of anything!  We just had Rugby and that was really it.  I got a lot of rest time last weekend and I didn't stress over things (been doing a lot of that lately). 

Also, this week, I got to bed by 9 a couple of nights.  Wednesday and last night, I got to bed late and I felt it all day yesterday and had a hard time getting up today.  Lesson learned.  I really need that extra hour of sleep!  Even if it means I'm antisocial!

This weekend, I just have one thing to go to (I will tell you what later).  I wanted to go to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Fair but I just won't have time with 2 take-home midterms due on Monday.  I might have to miss it (again) this year.  :(  But if that is what I have to do!  I also plan on maybe hitting the outlets with Rob.  He needs new cleats for rugby and I need some winter running gear.  I don't want to go crazy though.  Just a couple essentials!

That's all my babbling for today.  I still am not working out due to the cold being in my chest.  I am thinking about going for a bike ride tomorrow if it isn't too entirely cold out.  Rob and I might go to Smithville for their Irish festival too.  We'll see!  Like I said, take-home midterms to do! 

Anyway, to end, this is what I come home to every night.  They just love me so much!  (Spooky doesn't love anyone and hates the other kittens, hence why she is not in the picture, lol)

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a lot of fun things g oing on where you are! I need to look and see if there are fun things here, its fall and I love it! glad you are feeling better!!

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