Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Routine

Pretty much every Sunday, Rob and I go to breakfast and then do errands which always includes going grocery shopping.  We were going to eat in today but we were out of pretty much everything.  We ate some of that wonderful bacon but I forgot a picture.  It really was absolutely delicious!  It was thicker cute and just amazing tasting.  So glad we bought it!  I think breakfast at home will happen more often!  Today though, it was the Harley Dawn Diner for pancakes.  They make the best pancakes!

We drove around doing various errands.  I really wasn't in a picture taking mood so the next picture is of my snack.  Yum, Godiva!  Pumpkin spice truffle.  I also had some peach oatmeal bread that I got at the diner that morning that they make on site.  So delicious.  I also snacked on coffee and spiced wafers.

We had gotten up really late because of bar hopping the night before so breakfast was really late therefore our next meal was dinner!  I wasn't feeling creative and had some ground beef so I just made meat sauce.  Easy, quick, delicious.

I then got to work on various house projects.  This place is still a mess (and why you guys haven't really seen many pictures of the apartment!).  I tried putting stuff away and then I got to cleaning a table we were bringing in as an island.

 It took a lot of scrubbing to get this thing looking nice!  It has a lot of chipping paint on it too so I wanted to scrub off any loose stuff in case it is lead paint.  It was finally clean enough to bring it before it got dark out!  I can't wait to do all my baking on it!

Now, I'm just relaxing with Rob enjoying the fast internet.  He ran a hard line from my parent's house and now it is super fast!  Love it!  All of the snacks left for the night were a beer and more Godvia.  Yummies

Rob is the king of loving one thing only and I love variety.  Can you tell which truffles are mine and which are his?  I'll give you a hint, he got all one flavor.  Haha!  He is too cute.  Anyway, time to go relax and watch something off the DVR!  Can't wait for yet another day off tomorrow!!!

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Kim said...

Oh that table is GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT!!

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