Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hectic Labor Day

Yesterday was just hectic.  A good word for it.  I felt like I didn't get anything done!  I had wanted to get up early and work out but we had stayed up super late the night before.  I value my sleep so we slept in and got a solid 8 hours.  Rob and I decided we would eat breakfast at home since its faster and cheaper.  I had my usual omelet with some sort of oatmeal thing.  It was oatmeal pancakes again!  So convenient, I made enough to have all week. Rob's cereal looked so delicious so I took a picture of that too!

Then it was off to do errands and head back home for some cleaning and odds and ends. 

I just loved the chicken table runner but it was $40!  No way, even with 20% off.  We decided to pick up a pizza to make lunch quick and easy.  $5 for a pizza is cheaper than anything I can cook at home!  Anyway, we headed home with some boxes to unpack from storage and then all our plans were foiled...

That would be a screw in my tire.  Ugh!  At least we caught it before driving back and forth to school.  We had gotten the warrenty on the tires so we headed over to Sears.  It was a 2 hour wait!  We hadn't planned ahead to bring a second vehicle so we were stuck at the mall.  We decided that I would get my fitness minutes in by walking around.  Good thing I brought water with me and of course, we did some shopping too!

Oh how I love shoes!  Anyway, didn't really find much but had fun walking around.  Finally, at about 2 hours on the dot, the car was ready and we could head home.  This left us with just enough time for me to change before heading to a friend's house for a Labor Day Barbecue.

This was just some of the things she had.  It was potluck and turned out great!  She always has the nicest get-togethers.  Anyway, we hung out there until we decided we really needed to get home to clean before bed.  Ended up staying up a little bite late but at least got a lot of things put away.  I also pulled out my books for school

So we really didn't get much done yesterday.  I got no workout in like I wanted to.  Today is going to be tough on that end too.  I have work and school.  I have some time between the two but I will use that to brush up on my notes from class last week.  The plan is to work out when I get home tonight (late).  Gotta fit it in at some point, right?

And to end, some random pictures.  We got cute lights for our walk way and Spooky was being adorable at breakfast yesterday!  I will probably blog again at some point today.  Not sure about these daily blogs.  They are fun but I'm quickly realizing how much time they take up, which I don't have much of right now!  We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

did you paint spooky's nails?? haha I think my dad and dad would die if I did that to their cat, but I think its cute!
Also, bummer about the nail!
happy studying :-)

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