Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Time to Workout

This week has been just crazy.  I whined enough yesterday!  Tuesdays and Thursdays are my really long days where I work and then go to school.  I haven't gotten up early enough this week for a workout (I know, I need to just do it and get up at 5) so I was feeling a little jittery.  I got off at 11 and normally like to leave by noon.  I wasn't hungry at all when I got off work since I had eaten a bagel earlier.  I got this idea to try and run home and workout and shower before heading to school.

I headed home, change quick and pulled out a workout DVD.  I love Jackie Warner, she really knows how to kick my butt.  I thought this DVD was 20 minutes but is really 32!  Oops, so I ended up running a little late.  I felt absolutely horrible when I stopped, like I was going to be sick (I think from the bagel still in my belly).  Luckily it passed before I got in the car to head to school.  Made it there with plenty of time!

I really pushed it with this workout.  Last time I did a DVD, I just wasn't feeling it.  This time, I used my 5lbs and refused to go lower or give up.  I definitely felt strong!  Awesome workout and today I'm just a little sore!

In other news, my professor was talking about moving our class to Monday-Wednesday since he knows my other classes are MW (and knows I commute).  Most people in the class didn't mind.  He is going to think about it.  It would be hard having 3 classes on one day but honestly that would work great for me.  I would go down 3 days a week so I could have a full day to meet with classmates and professors if I need help on homework.  We'll see!

Today's plan:
  • Move my body at least a little today (walk at lunch if we don't have a meeting)
  • Work on homework for at least 2 hours
  •  Drink all my water (and then some!)
Tomorrow's plan is a Long Run (10 miles) so while I may workout, I'm not going to go crazy!


Lasherthecat said...

I love Personal Training with Jackie and I totally want more of her DVDs. She rocks!!

Anonymous said...

how did the ten miler go?
and when I was in undergrad, I took classes all day monday and tuesday from 8am-8pm with one hour break. It sucked. but then I had a five day weekend (no joke)

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