Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brews and Ground Beef

Where has my motivation gone?  More on that tomorrow...  You'll see the motivation wasn't here this weekend though.  It started off on Friday with Happy Hour!  A coworker is leaving and I didn't know (been out of the loop) so off we went to say goodbye.  I tried a new beer (Palm).  It was ok, a little uninteresting for to me.  Happy Hour was at Chickie and Pete's as usual!  I let Rob drink and I tried to have lots of water knowing I would be running Saturday morning.

Saturday, I woke up feeling terrible.  I had felt off on Thursday, like I was getting a cold.  Friday, I felt like I couldn't drink enough water.  Saturday, just plain crappy.  I got up and got in my running clothes as I had a 10 mile run on the books.  I headed out and from the start, I was just off.  I made it 4 miles in 55 minutes.  For those who don't know, that is REALLY slow for me.  I walked a lot and just couldn't shake the bad feeling.  I just wanted to stop and cry or take a nap or something!  The whole rest of the day went similarly.  Just couldn't feel better.  So anyway, I stopped at 4 miles and called it a day.  I'm not going to get much better by this weekend anyway, right?  Again, more on that in tomorrow's blog.

Saturday was pretty uneventful.  I am SO excited though for Fall!  Look what is out!!!

I love everything pumpkin!  Yum yum!!!  I had 2 of these this weekend.  Again, more on that tomorrow.  We also had some company for a while.

My niece came over for a while, played with the cats, and watched a movie for a bit.  After she got tired and went home, I took another beer to try!  Again, its fall, and that means pumpkin!

It was pretty good but can only really drink 1 and that is enough.  So anyway!  Woke up this morning and it was so hazy but pretty out.  I randomly snapped a picture and it came out cute!

So today gets pretty picture heavy.  We spent some time cleaning and decorating our bedroom.  It looks like a real room finally!  We moved the black and white table from the kitchen to the bedroom because Rob wasn't happy with where it was.  We put it in the bedroom to keep my makeup on and we can move the stuff on it to use it as a sewing table!  Looks cute with the rest of the room!  We also set up a bookshelf to hold all my random stuff.  Especially my running sneakers!

Seriously, I can't explain how excited I am that we have a real room!  Everyone keeps telling me "one box at a time" but it is extremely stressful to be in a messy house and I've already got enough stress.  Having a nice place is just one less thing to worry about! 

So anyway, we also did our grocery shopping today.  It was meat week when we stock up at BJs.  Rob decided he would try his meat grinder and he had a blast.  I can't even tell you how amazing the ground meat was.  We mixed ground pork and ground beef together.  Rob had trimmed all the fat so it was very lean.  We made meatballs with the ground meat and put it over all natural tortellini that we got at BJs also.  We'll never go back to store bought ground meat again!!!

The rest of the night has been spent doing homework!  I also broke down and had a beer toward the end.  Oh!  We also hit Borders today, its there last week open.  I got a bunch of physics and math books for cheap cheap.  Good to have for reference, even if I don't use them much.

The Hex beer is the Magic Hat's Octoberfest.  I really enjoyed it!  The homework, not so much.  LoL.  Anyway, time to go relax a bit more and watch Doctor Who with Rob.  Tomorrow, I'll write more about what's going on with my health and such!  Good night!

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Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon! what a bad way to start the run and your weekend. but better to let your body rest.
Also, LOVE the room and I am COMPLETELY jealous of all your running shoes haha

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