Monday, August 22, 2011

Nothing but Unpacking

Wow what a weekend!  Its been nothing but moving and then I had to go to school today!  So this is just really a little recap blog.  Health and fitness?  Um, yeah.  I really need a clean kitchen and more time.  What is that going to be?  Well, I got to cook dinner tonight!  And we ate at our kitchen table!!!

It was so nice to cook and then sit down to a nice meal that didn't come pre-cooked from a store.  Just simple tilapia and corn.  Delicious!  Also opened up a nice bottle of wine to enjoy, Ateca.  Yum!  Anyway, on to my weekend.  The cats are really taking well to the transition to the apartment.

Saturday, we spent most of our day at Ikea.  We needed a few more items and organization things.  Its a good thing this store isn't closer!

I wish I had a library like that and a kitchen!  Wow!!!  Love it!  I also noticed in the car that my boots that used to be tight got a little too big!  Yay!!!

Anyway, so really, we just spent the weekend unpacking and its still a wreck!  At least we could use the kitchen today :)  So I got an email on Saturday that I would need to go to campus today.  I will be commuting about 2 hours to campus.  Just the way things worked out.  So we had to head down there today, it was my first time seeing campus!  It is very modern.  It looks like there are like 2 very old buildings (one from the 1700s) and a couple from the 1960's.  Then a couple very very new ones so most of the campus is modern.

Those last two photos are the gym!  Of course, grad students have to pay for "membership"  Ugh!  But it looks awesome.  They had outdoor basketball courts and volleyball courts!  So cool!  And an indoor track too.  Hm, I'll really need to think about signing up for it!  Its not too expensive but it would be nice to work out while I'm there!  I also found the best little coffee shop ever!

Starbucks coffee!!!  Om nom nom!  They offer coffee cards too so I got one of course.  And its right by my building.  Excellent.  LoL, I have a coffee problem!

So the visit to campus went really well.  I got a lot of paper work that I need to fill out.  I go to campus on Friday for orientation and to register.  Very exciting!  Classes start on Monday.  Well, I am pretty tired from such a long weekend.  I know I didn't say much, just really wanted to share photos.  Time to go relax with Rob!!!

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