Tuesday, August 23, 2011


My life has been changing a lot lately.  Things last month were really stressful.  Then I had to move in less than 2 weeks.  Now, I am going from being a full time researcher to a full time graduate student.  Wow, I feel like I've been bucked off a horse or something.  Disoriented. 

As of next week, I will be a full time graduate student with a part time job (where I work now, they are awesome letting me stay on).  I am a creature of routine.  I love doing the same thing every day on a regular schedule but that is going to completely change.  I will probably struggle for the first few weeks until I establish a new routine.  It should be interesting!

Oh, I also need a completely stress free place to work at home.  My apartment is still a wreck!  I need to work like crazy this week to get it into a more presentable condition so that I can concentrate on my schooling once it starts (Monday). 

On top of all this, I have 2 half marathons coming up and a full marathon in March.  I may have to accept the fact that I might walk quite a bit in the first one.  We'll see.  I need to fit more runs in on a more regular basis.  I have been seriously struggling with getting out there lately.  Thanks to a challenge for a group I'm in, we had to discuss our "matras".  I posted about mine, It's Not an Option.  I had sort of neglected to use it lately but not anymore!  I might even most a nice print out of those words and frame it to hang in my apartment somewhere where it will motivate me to do my best!

Anyway, this is just a lot of babbling today.  I have a lot of things I need to do today to get everything together for school.  I guess I'm just laying all these things out there for myself.  I need to remember to eat well and exercise (the eating has be terrible along with the lack of exercise).  I need to make time for myself.  Maybe I should schedule time for myself?  I can see my calendar now:  4:30 Meeting with Bob Harper  6:00 Meeting with Nike Running Sneakers.  LoL.  I just need to do it!!!  Because skipping is not an option here!!!

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Tiffany said...

I need to get moving or I'll be right there with you walking!

Once you get your new routine set you'll feel so much better....

Good luck at school next week - we'll be at LBI for the week.... ;-)

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