Friday, August 12, 2011

Remodel Day 4: Let There Be Light!

Seeing as this is supposed to be a health blog, I'm going to try share more on that aspect.  I share it all on Spark People but writing two different  blogs gets tiring and I realized it made this blog have nothing to do with weight loss, health, and fitness!

So!  This week has been awful.  I haven't been drinking my water.  I haven't been cooking.  I haven't worked out either.  There is no time but to remodel!  Even last night, we opted for a quick easy dinner (left).  At least its cheap and it will feed us for more than one day.  It also makes for quick easy snacks when you don't want to break for an actual meal!  So basically this is me admitting that my eating is going to be crappy for the next for more days still :)  I will do my run tomorrow though!  I'll go for as long as I can.  I'll try not to look at my Garmin.  8 miles is on the schedule!

So anyway, remodeling!  Yesterday we still had tons to do.  There was still lots of furniture and chachkis around the place.  When I got home,  I came home to Rob and my dad working on the lighting though!  They were taking down the chandalier and putting up the light from the kitchen table area.  We had bought a new chandalier for above our table. 

Gold and Wood is not my thing!  They get started on the kitchen light after this one was replaced.  I took some pictures out the back door.  Pretty view!

And here is the end result!

Its simple and a little plane but it works.  We didn't remove the chain yet because we're not sure we won't want to swag it over so its centered about the table better.  Right now its pretty close to the back door.  Anyway, I love it!  Oh, and when we bought the floor model from HD, they gave it to us with the lightbulbs but we had bought the ones we like (the Bright White).  What a difference!

Yucky yellow light!  My parents couldn't believe the difference and everyone was joking about how bright it got when I changed the bulbs.  After this was all done, we all got to tackling the stuff that was still around.  My cousins stopped in and picked up their pictures but they didn't really want anything else so we had to deal with the rest.  Mostly, we just packed stuff up into keep/look through verses yard sale.  My sister is having a yard sale this weekend and my mom just gave her a bunch of stuff for it.  We also got a lot of the furniture cleared

The cabinet in the far back is leaving today and the one in the middle of the picture is staying for Rob and I.  Rob and my dad pulled up all the pink carpet last night (after I went to bed because someone has got to work!).  They have yet to pull up the carpet padding and the linolium in the kitchen.  That needs to be done today because Rob's friend is coming over tomorrow to help put down the floors!  We also have to paint today before the floors go down.  I hope the brown doesn't take a million coats!!!  We'll see how much Rob has done when I get home!  I tried to tape some last night before I just couldn't stay awake any longer.  I am feeling ok today so I got enough sleep!  The coffee could be helping too...  Off for another productive day!


Lasherthecat said...

Love the light fixtures!

I miss pizza!!

Kim said...

Nice choice! I'm so excited for your new space!

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