Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texas Trip - Day 2 - State Capitol

We got up nice and early on Friday to hit the gym before Missy's appointment she had.  We weren't sure what we would be doing around lunch so we stopped to pick up something just in case.  We stopped at "My Fit Food", a local chain that supplies fresh cooked, all natural, healthy meals in microwaveable containers.  Again, WE NEED ONE!!!  The food was so delicious.  Also, you could choose between small and large servings (and some had medium too).  What a great idea this place was! 

I hung out at Starbucks while Missy went to her meeting.  Then, it was off to the running expo to pick up our race packets.  The expo wasn't too bad.  Very small but I was just excited they had something!  I saw a shirt I should have gotten that said "If I collapse, pause my Garmin".  Hehe, you get it if you run.  Oh, Missy gave me a present when I arrived.  A running shirt for when I did my half marathon that said "I do half marathons because they're half the distance, and I'm lazy like that".  Ha!  Love it!!!

After that, Missy realized she needed a new pair of running capris so we hit the outlets nearby.  After a successful trip, we decided we needed more frozen yogurt!  I liked this place a little better because it had more tart flavors.  I got Avocado fro yo although the peanut butter was beckoning me!  This was so good, I didn't even add toppings because I didn't want to ruin it!!

We decided since it was still early on Friday, we would head downtown to hopefully get a peak inside the State Capitol Building.  On the way, Missy drove me through the old rich neighborhood where all the big beautiful old houses were.  I have a thing for old architecture :)

We decided we were pretty hungry and Missy wanted to show me the HUGE Whole Foods they had in town.  Apparently they are from Austin and she showed me the old original one too.  The big new one has a parking garage under it!  We probably could have eaten enough of the free samples there to be full for dinner.  LoL.   Also, it was so nice out, everyone was outside!  So jealous but I won't be jealous in August...

We decided to hit a little bar type place nearby for dinner.

Finally, we got ready and went out to meet friends for Missy's birthday.  She picked a local bar she thought I would like because they had all my favorite drinks and drinks we used to have a lot of in college!  Her friends were really nice and the same girls from the night before also came.  They are too sweet!  (Alyssa from the fro yo picture and Abby who you will see tomorrow).

We had done so much walking that day, I got 16000+ steps!  Woohoo!  Too bad my steps challenge at work didn't start last week!

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Lasherthecat said...

What's with the awesome yogurt places?? and healthy food options?? I need to go live there!!

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