Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eco Friendly Plastic?

We all use them, even if we try not to.  Plastic Bottles.  I use them when I have to because I don't have my reusable bottle, or my bottle is dirty, or there is no reputable place for me to refill it.  And I make every effort to recycle it, but even then, there's not guarantee it will get reused for anything at any point.  But I do what I can to avoid using them because I don't like that they are petroleum products and I don't want my environment to be littered with junk!

People have tried to think of ways to use the bottles other than recycling (a lamp by Eco Age but found the picture here)

 But there's hope!  Pepsi has come out with a new bottle!
Article is here if you want to read it.  Basically, Pepsi has come up with a way to make a bottle that looks exactly like its clear plastic bottle but is made from 30% plant products.  This isn't ideal but its a step in the right direction!  And I'm hoping its still recyclable or perhaps even slightly biodegradable.  I'm just glad to see big companies doing things that are good for the environment because I know its not always in their financial advantage to do so but its still important!  I know its just a trend right now and that's why they do it but let's hope they actually care that we have a clean planet to live on in 100 years.


Tiffany said...

I struggle with plastic, too...Especially when I am packing my kids' lunches - most of the time the re-usable plastic containers don't all fit into their lunch boxes and I have to use plastic sandwich bags...luckily, their schools participate in the "Up-Cycle" program with Terra Cycle and they can send the ziploc bags to them for up-cycling...we save so many other things from the trash by sending them to Terra Cycle, so I am glad that they are using that program! Teaches the kids about protecting the environment, too!

Tonya Bren said...

I love that the new Sun Chips bags are biodegradable. Shouldn't be too long before other manufacturers are following suit.

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