Thursday, September 15, 2011

Zumba, How I Missed Thee

Yesterday's workout was brought to you by XBox Kinect...

I managed to get home early from school (classes were canceled, didn't find out til I had already driven the 2 hours there!) so I had plenty of time last night for a workout!

I decided I wanted to have some fun with my workout so I popped in UFC Trainer for Kinect. I also wanted pure cardio since I have a half marathon on Sunday (OMG excited!!!).  I didn't want sore legs for the race.  Anyway, I had a blast with this one!  Some of the moves I couldn't do because of the way our room is set up but I will fix that later.  Overall, this is an awesome game.  Lots of fun moves like mountain climbers, punching, grappling, etc.  I had a blast!  But I decided I wanted even more "just cardio" so I put in Zumba for Kinect!

I love Zumba but I love going to the classes more than playing it on the XBox.  I think its mostly the music, its much easier to get into it when you know the songs.  The songs on the game are mostly Latin songs (probably same songs from their DVDs?).  I wish they played popular songs on their games and DVDs.  I would actually buy them then!  Until then, I'll rely on Youtube for making my own work outs (old post on Spark People:  Youtube Zumba - not all the links work anymore but you get the idea!)

The game is good enough though for when I want a cardio workout and its more fun than other options.  Besides, I forgot how good Zumba is for you!  Seriously, I woke up this morning and my entire waistline is sore.  All that twisting and shimmying makes for some serious abs!  I think this is now a permanent part of my routine like it used to be!  If only I could make it to the classes at my gym :(  Or maybe make a new Youtube workout!

Plan for today is to survive my long day (man, I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays) and eat well.  I may run 2-3 very easy miles on Saturday to loosen up for Sunday but that's it until the big race!


Leftover Princess said...

Good Luck Sunday! Can't wait to hear your time.

Angela said...

Thanks! My time will definitely be better than my first half (3 hours! - it was really a bad running day) but won't be where I wanted to be. I have another half next month and I hope to at least improve for that one!!

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