Saturday, September 3, 2011

Time to Blog!

I have time to blog now so I will!  I love other bloggers that write multiple times per day so I figured why not?  Soon, you guys will be happy to get a blog every other day!  LoL.  Besides, Rob and I are going out tonight so you won't here from me again until tomorrow!  Anyway, I will still hungry after my huge omelet but it was a craving for carbs.  We are out of milk so I just grabbed some cereal and made coffee.

I settled down to read some blogs and relax a little on the couch.  It was heavenly.  Spooky agreed.

My mom popped over and wanted to get some boxes that she had here.  She said I should come sit outside and keep her company while she looked through the boxes.  I agreed to go since its so nice out!

Spooky was very upset she couldn't come out with us.  She spent the next 4 hours or so sitting there crying and pawing the window.  She is in heat so she is being very lovey.  She is still at the back door making noises at Rob who is outside working on our internet.  Anyway, my laptop went dead and I helped a little with the looking through stuff.  My mom found some of her old records and suggested this one for me!

HA!  It even had a little booklet with directions on how to do the workouts.  Awesome.  I just want to hang it on my motivation wall!  We got enough stuff moved around that I could finish setting up my patio set on the back porch.  Now we have a nice place to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall weather coming up!

That's it for now!  I've been working hard on my water after the lead-legs this morning.  I also had a peach (local grown, yum!).

Rob and I are meeting a friend tonight for drinks at The Beer Garden, a new place that opened up at one of the casinos in Atlantic City.  So excited!  I love trying new beers.  I asked him if he wanted to get dinner before hand and he said he wanted to go to PF Changs so that's the plan!  I couldn't get a reservation for the time we wanted so lets hope its not insanely crazy, it is Labor Day Weekend after all!  So excited for date night!  Ok, no more blogs until tomorrow!  Good night!

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Kim said...

I want to come and live at your house so I can sit on your patio and enjoy the view!! It always looks so pretty at your house!

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