Friday, September 30, 2011

No More Cats!

Happy Friday!.  I have been up putzing around the house.  I took today off from work due to my terrible cold and I'm so glad I did.  I just feel crumby.  I get up and clean and sit back down for 20 minutes, repeat. 

Actually, today hasn't been spent doing much cleaning.  First, the cat's food bowl was swarmed by ants!  EEK!  So I took an hour or so trying to take care of that.  Then I managed to sweep.  But oh then Otto decided to try and kill me by slicing up my arm "playing". 

"I'm sorry Mommy"

The next hour was spent replacing all of his nailcaps (he learned to pull them off) and then sitting in the tiny bathroom with him squirting him with the water bottle every time he tried pulling one off.  He did get one off and I had to reglue it.  UGH!  Why do we own cats???

Now, its time to tackle the kitty litter all over the living room that they trek out of their kitty box.  We even have one of those little mats to collect the litter but they leap out of their box over it because they don't like walking on it.  Ha!  Prissy little things.

1 comment:

Lasherthecat said...

Oh... just in case you didn't get the memo... We don't own the cats... They own us!

The pics are so cute!!

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