Friday, September 16, 2011


I have a half marathon this weekend.

Surprised?  I haven't talked about it because I haven't been running!  I was so excited when I first registered for it but now I'm worried.  I had a really rough, emotional summer and it just threw me all off.  I didn't want to do anything.  I barely worked out all summer.  I forgot I had to train.

I did do that 8 mile run 2 weeks ago.  That run wasn't great but it wasn't really that bad either.  At least I know I can run a solid 8 miles.  I can do 13, even if I have to walk a few miles. 

For the next 2 days, I'm going to try to eat the best I can but that get's tricky.  Tonight, I am going to Philly with my girlfriend to pick up our race packets and walk around the expo.  That should be fun!  Then we are getting dinner in the city somewhere and just hanging out since we haven't seen each other in a while.  I am really looking forward to it.  I'm sure I will have 1 beer but no more.  Any "bad" foods shouldn't bother me tonight.  But tomorrow...

Tomorrow, I really need to eat healthy, clean foods.  I will also try to eat a little more.  Not a ton more but just a little so I'm not hungry during the race.  I found a few weeks ago that I loved having an omelet before my run but I ate it right before my run.  This time, I'll be eating like 2 hours before my race.  I may go with oatmeal instead and hard boiled eggs in the car on the way.  But back to tomorrow, we have rugby all day.  Games are at 1 and 3 but Rob needs to be there early.  Then we have free food and beer at a pub after the game.  If the food isn't good for me, I can always order something but its still a pub!

I've also got a ton of Optics homework due on Tuesday that I need to do still.  I've got to make a checklist of race day items and I'll get to bed early tomorrow.  I am also going to try to get up normal time tomorrow morning (between 5 and 6 AM).

It's going to be a long weekend!

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Leftover Princess said...

Hey, remember that 10K we did together? Bet you don't remember how crazy my life was the three months before. I went through a messy, dramatic break up. The end of a job search and dealing with emotional baggage from years ago. I didn't train at all. The longest run I had done to train was 3miles a month and a half before.

I was just as scared as you are about the race. However, when you get to the line and you start pushing yourself and the energy of everyone around you pushes you. You won't notice until you see the finish line that you finished.

You've run 8miles! Wholly shit! Do you remember when you started? How far you ran that first day and how dead you were? But you did it. And come Sunday you are gonna do it too.

You'll meet people while you run and talk to them not noticing the miles. You and your new friends won't let you quit. Because a quitter isn't someone who decides to go back to school to get her PhD after 6yr of not working in the field AND work a full-time job.

You're strong, remember that. Enough negative thoughts! Positive energy. You'll eat fine this week because you want to, not because you have to, because you know how those other foods will make you feel and you CHOOSE not to feel that way.

Chin up and smile! Snuggle in your blankets when it's time to sleep but keep moving when it ain't time.

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