Sunday, August 28, 2011

I survived!

Wow what a weekend!  I have gotten a lot of nothing done too.  Haha.  Friday, I was busy all day.  I had to go to school for orientation but it got canceled early due to the hurricane so we only got half way through.  That means I still haven't registered!  Ack!  Classes were supposed to start tomorrow but now they start Tuesday.  That means I have to go down tomorrow just to register and maybe get some things done around campus if I can (student ID, parking pass, etc.)  Anyway!  We were sort of glad to get out early though so we could get back home to take care of some things for the hurricane.

Irene would be hitting us directly!  Eek!  I live in South Jersey.  Its nice here because there are no natural disasters and in one week we've had an earthquake, a hurricane, and tornadoes.  I heard a tornado touched down only 5 blocks away from me last night. Scary!  So we got ready for the storm.  We would have visitors this weekend too since my friend Jess lives in a shore town where there was mandatory evacuations.

LoL, priorities, especially since I knew Rob would have to work and Jess and I would be hanging out bored listening to the rain and wind!  I figured we could enjoy some nice wine and relax.  The rain started and just didn't end.  It kept going until this morning.  We had a pump running all night keeping the water away from our front door.  It actually started coming in a bit and getting to our new hard woods!  Eek!!!  But Rob put up a nice set up and we just had to monitor the pumps all night.  Overall, the storm just wasn't that bad near our house, kind of anticlimactic.  Haha. 

Jess and I tried unpacking some stuff but I was getting frustrated.  We did decorate a little bit with the things we had

So it was a really long night, up every few hours to check the pumps. I am super tired today now.  Jess and I decided to sit outside though and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Lovely now!

Mmm iced coffee.  We set up some of my patio chairs on the back porch.  Wonderful!  Oh, and that is Mindy, Jess' cute little doggy.  She gets along ok with the cats.  They were more skittish of her.  They have all been acting nutso this weekend.  Anyway, kind of distracted right now so I guess its time to go.  Just wanted to share the pictures from the weekend and tell you all that we survived just fine!


Tiffany said...

Talk about crazy weekend! We started our vacation on Thursday at LBI, evacuated at 11pm (based on the info we had at the time it was the best hindsight, we could have waited until Friday afternoon...) after a HORRIBLE thunderstorm that flooded everything...sat in a line for gas for over 30 min and only got $12 of premium! Then, Sat...rain started around lunch time and didn't end until after lunch on Sunday...we didn't see sun until almost 4pm. We all slept in basement (on hardwood floors, no less!) on Sat. night...lost power for about 15 hours...glad it's over! Heading back to LBI later this morning...yeah!
Glad you survived unscathed and good luck in class this week!!!

Kim @ Good But Getting Better said...

I love the candle set up!!

Glad the strom stayed clear of you guys!!

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