Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Library: A reflection of me

I saw a friend on facebook who is also on Spark People post a picture of her "library" of fitness and health books.  I thought it was such a cute idea and great way to get to know somebody. 

First, I had to tackle the shelf and make it look presentable.  Then I got into a cleaning frenzy but when I was finished, I have 2 full shelves of books and this doesn't include the several boxes of books I have in my storage unit.  Hehe.  I took some close ups and I don't think I want to say much.  Maybe just give you guys an idea of the things I enjoy and if you want to know about a certain book, you should ask!  I have to warn you, there are a few on here that I haven't read yet.  I am getting there though!  But just a couple, most I've read :)

We'll start off with cookbooks!  The Just 5 Things cookbook is my favorite cookbook EVER.  It is strictly only 5 ingredients.  Even if its just "salt", that is considered 1 of the 5!  Love it!  Not like the other ones I've seen where they are like "Well, you should have eggs and milk and salt and these crazy spices you've never heard of in your pantry already so those aren't included in the 5".  None of that crap!  Or the cookbooks that use canned soups and stuff as one of the ingredients.  Strictly 5 clean ingredients per recipe.  Moving on!  Oh, and that is my stone dodecahedron on the bottom left there.  Don't worry, the geekiness gets better.  

More cookbooks and some running books.  I've also read The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women but that was borrowed.  "I Run, Therefore I Am - Nuts" is an awesome hilarious book.  If you endurance run, its a cute book to make you think "oh I hate that!" or "yes!!!  that's happened to me!!!"  Then we move on to the farming books.  Haven't read Farmer Jane yet.  Hoping to get to that by the end of the summer!

My food books!  Reading Omnivore's Dilemma right now.  Its a little slow, In Defense of Food was much better and very entertaining.  Bad Science is an awesome book.  As people here who hear a lot of nutrition hype, you need to read this book.  It will make you a total skeptic of every health claim you ever hear.  Seriously, it will change your thinking.  Highly recommend.  Um.. And here comes the geekiness...

Let's just not discuss this part of the shelf ok?  LoL

More cookbooks on the next (taller) shelf.  Rob has loved a lot of the recipes out of the Betty Crocker Cookbook for Women book (I don't know why its for women??).  Anyway, he is a very picky eater so that says something!  The Traditional Kitchen Wisdom book is pretty cool.  It is all about how to preserve foods (canning, drying, etc.).  How to grow a garden.  Just how to survive without modern convenience.  Love it!  Also some gardening books there.  We haven't started our garden this year, we haven't had time!  Maybe we will cheat and buy some plants!

And finally, some workout books (I'll take LL Cool J's advice any day!  Have you watched NCIS LA lately???)  Also my like 18th copy of Pride and Prejudice (others are in storage, I've read it several times).  And my cool looking copy of the complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series :)  Have only read the first and half of the second.  Again, working on all these books!  Finally, the box on the end is something my sister bought for Rob to keep his garden seeds in.  It has lots of tips and techniques for saving your seeds and growing a nice garden!

So that's it!  I have tons of books in storage too, a lot of classics there and probably more math and science books from college/grad school.  Even some math based entertainment books (Fermat's Enigma, very good! and very basic, even for the non-math person and a couple others...).  So what do you think?  Is it what you expected?  Haha.  Are you curious about any of my books?  Do you have any of the same ones?  Want any book reviews?  Let me know!

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Tiffany said...

Loved this idea! My books are all over the house - some in the kitchen on a shelf, some in my pantry, some in my office, my bedroom....Some day when I'm old and gray, I'll have a room as a dedicated library and put them all in one place...maybe one of the girls' bedrooms!?!? I'm gonna look through your list more carefully and make a list for my next trip to the library...I try the library first and if it's a keeper, then I buy it...I hate buying stinky books...

Thanks again for sharing!

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